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681[ksurf] Re: Beginner: "I'm excited, elated, even ecstatic!"

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  • Ian Young
    Nov 2, 1998
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      > are the beaches user-friendly for kitesurf beginners? (i.e., no reefs, trees,
      > rocks).

      The Swan River (runs through the center of Perth) is perfect for beginners - mostly
      sandy beaches, quite a few shallow (waist deep) areas, lots of room, nearly always a
      side shore wind @ around the 15 kt mark, easy to get ashore by yourself if blown
      downwind - one of my favourite stretches of the river is about 1.5km long sandy beach
      with the river about 2 km wide so you can always get a few good runs in even if you
      can't go headwind.

      When you're ready to tackle the surf it gets even better with about 20km of the
      pristine white sandy coastline of metropolitan Perth! The swell in Perth is usually
      no more than 2m, but "Down South" around Margaret River (250km) we get BIG waves on
      par with Hawaii. "Up North" we have more white sandy beaches for hundreds of km which
      have been popular with international sailboarders for years - names like Lancelin,
      Geraldton, Kalbarri Gnaraloo and Ningaloo.


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