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67612A few Board Questions...

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  • mx5alan
    Dec 24, 2003
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      I am currently building a Ply TT.
      Already got my Yacht Varnish, but would like suggestions about
      painting the board, Do most home-mades just get +3 coats of varnish
      or also a fancy bright coloured paint job. ?

      My reason for asking is how visible is the board if not painted a
      bright colour, but left natural wood colour (Pine/Darkish Yellow ?).
      Read on other forum that some colours make it very hard to find/spot
      your board in the surf.


      F-One FreeSpirit Directional board

      Has anyone got or use one of these boards ?
      Would be interested to read some short reviews or know if it is any
      good. Maybe for wave riding and general sailing ?
      (my weight = 73kg)

      Have seen a few Kitesurfing packages which include one of these
      boards, or should I just get the kite and build my own ply's ?

      AJ *<:-)
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