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67530Re: are boxers low aspect high performance ??

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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    Dec 2, 2003
      Boxers are by the 2003/2004 standard, medium aspect ratio kites, 1-2 years
      ago they would have been rated high ar kites!
      Ar is only one part of a kites design, you should never judge any kite with
      an ar over 5 to 1 and dismiss it as too high ar.
      4-5 to 1 is medium, and 1-3 is low, in kites IMO
      The Boxer is a great all round kite, and Naish have decided to mmke a bit
      less money from them, to retain market share, thats the truth about them!
      The kite turns tight with medium to light bar pressure, forward flight speed
      is not the fastest, but as good or better than many so called high
      performance/high AR kites from other makers.
      It has a great safety system, and I would recommend it to anyone, of any
      skill level.
      I agree that we need to promote safe kiting much better, too many desperate
      players in the market now, too many poorly trained, uncaring instructors,
      too many team riders dumping product on the beaches, often with no real
      lesson, if it keeps up there will be no-where left to do the sport!
      Cya and
      Steve McCormack
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