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67524where to download pics of the new 04 fuel splitstrut slingshot

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  • Emilia Naoumova
    Dec 2, 2003
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      Hi Guys,

      I am looking for a site where where I can download some pictures of the new Slinshot Fuel Splitstrut kite. I have checked already the side of Slingshot but I can't copie a picture from there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

      Reinaldo Garcia <rgarcia@...> wrote:
      i have a 17m co2 in miami.
      ive had 2 problems with the recon features:

      today i was a bit overpowered (20-24kts)
      dropped the kite. when trying to relaunch with the recon systm i got
      tossed/dragged/thrown around quite a bit untill i realized it the lines on
      one side were somehow shorter.
      by then i had lost sight of my board in the waves and i had to body drag out
      of the water.
      during this time i had a very hard time controlling the kite and almost lost
      my board.

      on land i checked the recon system and found one side had jammed, the recon
      bullet was out of place and had tied up.
      i was lucky i was out in deep water when this happened, far from land and
      "hard objects".

      as for self-launching from sand, i once left the kite for about 10 min
      flapping in the wind. when launching, the same thing happened and the kite
      did the "death spin". though that time i blamed myself for not walking the
      lines, i just did a visual check right before launching.


      the whole experience makes me think the relaunch part of recon is probably a
      bit too complex. (the depower feature ive had no problems)

      (1) i will avoid using the recon to water relaunch
      (2) always always check the recon system on the side of the kite (bullet,
      etc) make sure it's not tangled by the wind right before launching.

      have fun...

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