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67520[ksurf] Re: are boxers low aspect high performance ??

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  • woodman_k
    Dec 1, 2003
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      I just got a 14m nitro and had 3 days on it and so far I like the
      system and kite. The bar and the long center leader bugs me a bit too
      but once your going it looks as clean as it can be.....spinning
      leash blabla. The velcro release must be always checked preflight as
      that seems a bit sensitive to user error!!!

      Please explain what happened to te guy who set up the recon wrong.
      Was there sand jamming the leaders causing one side to be powered and
      the other fully stalled? I would imagine that would cause havoc on
      launch! I have self launched 3 times now on sand and no probs but I
      am concerned about this part.


      PS Where can I get some texalium?

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Hein van Swaay" <hein@I...> wrote:
      > I'm interested in the Boxer too. I currently ride
      > SS GTOs and I love a lower aspect kite. The GTO's
      > won't be available in 2004. (big mistake IMO)
      > I ride unshackled and with my kite low and in the power.
      > mostly with a much smaller kite than my bros who
      > are scared to death to have their kite swing through
      > the power.
      > I love to do unhooked moves. It opens up a whole new
      > chapter of fun stuff to try.
      > I looked at the Cabrinha but the Recon is to complicated
      > and prone to failures plus I don't want their power lock
      > bar. I saw a guy get lofted when he set up his Recon wrong
      > and had the line at the trailing edge partially tensioned.
      > Maybe I can talk South Padre Island Kiteboarding into
      > letting me try a Boxer. They have some in stock and
      > I'll let you know if I get a chance to ride one.
      > In regards to your view of kiting safety...
      > I agree totally. In fact, all the recent flurry of
      > 'safety systems' designed by people who aren't even
      > real engineers is making this sport 'seem' safe to many
      > newbies. They think they can detach when in fact they
      > can't. That's been sadly proven by many experienced
      > kiters who have died by lofting and/or dragging. I've
      > seen many people get lofted and dragged. It only takes
      > one hard object to turn these seemingly innocent and
      > sometimes even comical incidents into a tragedy.
      > Kitesurfing companies need to apply some serious failure
      > modes and effects analysis. And do a much better job making
      > people aware of the REAL dangers that are related to
      > location and wind conditions. I don't think either is
      > being done. This is not windsurfing, snowboarding or
      > wakeboarding and any analogies made to these sports is only
      > further masking the risks. It's more like hang gliding,
      > acrobatic flying and parachuting! When two or more things
      > go wrong in those sports; you die!
      > Your advice about staying away from hard objects is
      > right on. I see people hopping up the beach with
      > their kite overhead all the time. Many times right
      > in front of a variety of solid skull smashing objects.
      > When are people going to learn!? I am amazed by the
      > way many riders totally ignore or disregard obvious
      > dangers.
      > -Hein van Swaay
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      > > Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 4:21 PM
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      > > Subject: [ksurf] Re: are boxers low aspect high performance ??
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      > > is there anyone out there that knows anything about the boxer
      > > kite,or has seen them from a distance even. seems like there's no
      > > one on the other end unless your selling some safety idea...
      > > strap or some gimick that won't save people anyway!!! stay away
      > > large imovable objects. hows that for a safety system. not trying
      > > be rude at all I've flown hanggliders for years and all this
      > > stuff is a mask for good common sense. (IN FLYING)dont do
      > > under 1000 ft, it takes 500 feet to realize somthing isn't right.
      > > 200 feet to respond to that, and not much left for the chute to
      > > deploy. don't kite with any object at least a football field
      > > if you do you are taking your chances, you most likely will not
      > > the time or the sense to respond... a shackle with a release
      > > and an o shit loop is hard to beat. only thing better is common
      > > sense. no disrespect to anyone killed or injured. this(EXTREME)
      > > sport has risks. (not to say there aren't freak accidents). I
      > > lost 3 good friends in flying and again common sense would have
      > > saved every one of them. this is a high risk sport treat it
      > > such... now any one know anything about the boxer kite?? J
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "wyndjunkie2000"
      > > wrote:
      > > > or are they a one size fits all I have a friend that lives in
      > > maui
      > > > and according to him some of the people on the beach that could
      > > have
      > > > the kites of there choice are in fact choosing and riding
      > > > boxers... could it be that boxers are just like the aero 1
      > > the
      > > > turning ability of the aero 2. I am just alittle confused as
      > > why
      > > > I might need an x3 or v4 when some of the top riders are riding
      > > > boxers who knows they may just be out of cash this season.
      > > > highly unlikely!. I would love some input from some
      > > > riders that own or have ridden the boxer, maybe compared to
      > > > naish kites. I have read info on all and have ridden
      > > > but the v4 and the boxer. naish has a wonderful way of
      > > highlighting
      > > > the kites attributes without ever really telling you anything
      > > > think the boxer might be a low aspect high performance kite
      > > at
      > > > a low price point just to attract new blood J
      > >
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