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  • Jack Brutschin
    Nov 1, 1998
      I am actually amazed about most people who drop their opinion on the kites. So much talk about the kites and if I think about it a bit I come only to one conclusion; there are already a few and one very good system on the marked. Everybody is talking and comparing with the different kites. But that is not the area where is to be gained most if we talk about going upwind. It's the boards! See, even if you can go upwind with one kite more than the other, the gain will be very little.

      It started kitesurfing on a very old board; a bic with a weight of about 20 kg. For jumping it was nothing, but for going upwind it was incredable!!!!
      I am certainly not the expert on this matter, but I tried the boards which are especially made for kitesurfing. I tell you that this lousy BIC board was better!
      I find it a waste of knowledge that people spend so much time on something where the gain is the smallest.

      I hope this message wil inspire somebody who IS an expert on building boards, as the sport is great!

      Thanks for your time.

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