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67102how to switch sides without getting lofted?

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  • ringokiter
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Ok, here's the scenario: A couple weeks back, I was walking my kite
      back up the beach. Wind was onshore on a 45 degree angle, so I was
      walking up with my kite on the beach side of the window about 4
      meteres from the ground. After walking back up and getting ready to
      head into the water, I had to switch over to the other side of the
      window because someone else was walking their kite up and mine was in
      the way. I began to switch sides and will going through zenith I got
      lifted up and thrown 20 feet down the beach. I was a little shaken,
      but otherwise ok.

      My question is how do I avoid this? I'm thinking I should just go
      slower through zenith next time if I have to switch.

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