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67100Are we heading for troubles?

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  • Hung Vu
    Sep 30, 2003
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      There are more and more kitesurfing accidents happening everyday.

      Most accidents are definitely related to the power of the kite.

      Yet, I notice that in the quest to reach higher altitude, I have been
      riding kites at least 1 size larger than in the past (I started using
      the 16 in wind where I used the 12 in the past or using the 12 in wind
      for the 9).

      In the last few years, I have been the advocate for bigger kites in
      light wind but only recently, I started to realize that many (like me)
      are not using bigger kites only for light wind but also for higher altitude.

      To make kitesurfing safer, I can ride the the FONE 230 all the times and
      use a kite one to two size smaller. Do I want to do that? Maybe only
      in light wind.

      We all want to jump higher but to do that we need to ride in really
      powered up conditions (very small board and max kite size for the
      condition) and that leaves NO ROOM for gust.

      What we are dealing with is competive side of human nature and it's very
      very hard to change that...

      Fortunately, we also have the cautious side of human nature and
      hopefully the cautious side can save us all...