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  • Rick Iossi
    Sep 3, 2003
      THREE fatalities within a couple of weeks, involving two experienced
      riders and apparently a new rider. Lofting or dragging and severe head
      injuries occurred in each case. No helmets are known to have been in use at
      this time in any of these three accidents. Details are still coming in but
      they both appear to have been avoidable accidents.

      People are just not taking potential hazards associated with kiteboarding
      seriously enough to take appropriate precautions.

      Things may grow worse before they improve, based on the experience of last
      year. Reviewing information from the KSI in 2002:

      June - Two fatalities

      Sept. - One fatality

      Oct. - One fatality

      Nov. - Five fatalities

      Desperation over so many avoidable accidents last November resulted in the
      preparation and translation of "Ten Ideas For Safer Kiteboarding" located

      IF, these guidelines had been adhered to it is likely that many of these
      fatalities may have never happened. Add to that the many dozens of serious,
      non-fatal avoidable accidents many involving experienced riders that may
      have never happened IF these guidelines had been followed.

      Then there are the accidents and fatalities that have yet to occur. Those
      are the ones that we might cause to NEVER occur by the choices we make.

      * In kiteboarding and in life for that matter, bad things can happen. They
      don't always happen to the "other guy."

      * Experience and skill are sometimes NOT much of a deterent to harm, unless
      suitable caution is practiced.

      These are two of the most significant facts that are given here. You or
      someone you know could well be the next victim of a serious accident.,
      largely determined by the care you choose to practice.

      Lack of awareness of hazards or worse denial of their significance can
      injure and kill. This has happened in the past and will continue to happen.

      So, take steps to avoid an AVOIDABLE accident or not, the choice is yours.
      People often need to see and hear about enough serious accidents to motivate
      them to take the hazard seriously and to take steps to avoid them. Are we
      there yet?

      Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and will likely always have the potential
      to be dangerous. The key is to reduce the number of avoidable accidents. It
      is up to you to decide by the actions you choose to take, if any.

      Some ideas on how to avoid kiteboarding accidents and complaints appear in
      the "Ten Ideas For Safer Kiteboarding" and even more appear in the "Safe
      Kiteboarding Guidelines." These documents were derived from actual accident
      analysis. Choose to be aware and try to avoid obvious hazards or not. The
      hazards are real and will effect some among us regardless of our views on
      whether they are a real threat or not. Do your loved ones a favor and think
      about it.

      November is approaching along with what good and ill that it may bring. Our
      choices in how we ride will have a strong role in how things work out this
      fall. Safety devices in kiteboarding may only help to avoid serious
      accidents. In these early days it is essential to also use adequate
      knowledge and judgment to properly insure safer riding. Time to decide, with
      appropriate action our casualty rate could be less than last year, it is up
      to us. We should be doing more to improve the accident experience in this

      Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines

      Ten Ideas For Safer Kiteboarding
      FKA, Inc.
      transcribed by: Rick Iossi

      Promote "Ride Hard & Safer, Ten Ideas..." PRESERVE YOUR ACCESS TO RIDE

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