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66460Re: [ksurf] CABRILLO SEMI-BAN (no kiting summer weekends)

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  • LA2WNDSRF@aol.com
    Jul 10, 2003
      In a message dated 7/9/2003 10:26:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      kiteboarder@... writes:

      > If they do change it will mean we'll be banned all the time.
      > Kiteboarding summer weekends at Cabrillo is an accident (& subsequent
      > ban) waiting to happen. Who has the most experience kiteboarding at
      > Cabrillo? Me. Do I ever go on summer weekends? No.

      sky falling ? Nope, not yet.

      And who has experience with wind sports at
      Kabrillo longer? Me - even longer than Greg E. ,
      Wayne Boyd is a kabrillo waterman longer than me, so what?
      I've seen hot weekdays more crowded than cool weekends.

      I've seen, talked with and held
      meetings with City & County lifeguards, Harbor Police,
      LAPD, City & County Officials many times in the
      past on many issues. Things can be worked out.

      For Example: Jetskiing & Powered watercraft were
      severely injurying and killed a windsurfer at Kabrillo Beach -

      Who came up with the idea to establish a non-powered
      area for windsurfers inside LA Harbor ? (That a certain
      retailer was against in the beginning.)

      It was that idea that I presented to Jeff Jones, Jim & Jack -
      And with their expertise & help, the Harbor Dept adopted it
      & presented it, along with a 5 mph zone, at a meeting
      as as solution to controling the powered watercraft.

      It was implemented temporarily and it soon was made permanent
      as a workable solution to prevent further death & injury

      It wasn't perfect, jetskiers still violate it daily.
      But it is 50-70% effective.

      Hmmmm, so, jetskiers have crippled & maimed individuals
      as well as kill them, at kabrillo beach yet they haven't been
      banned from Kabrillo. Instead, A defined area was set aside
      for them for egress & ingress, as
      well as their own beach area.

      Their is hope for kiters that have done
      none of the above to anyone,
      (other than injure themselves.)

      Things can be worked out.
      Have faith in the power of good in man,
      as well as the power of evil
      and progress can be made.

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