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66425Re: [ksurf] CABRILLO SEMI-BAN (no kiting summer weekends)

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  • kiteboard2000
    Jul 8, 2003
      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, LA2WNDSRF@a... wrote:
      > Your message was too long.

      Sorry. I like to be thorough For you & others with limited time
      please see below for a VERY brief synopsis.

      > why don't you help other kiters launch kites and catch kites

      I do.

      > You need to live up to your own safety words, buddy.

      I do.

      > ...your Guerilla Kite and single fin
      > "dagger board", I bet that goes to windward real nice. No wonder
      > you go up wind two miles or more.

      Yes, the Guerilla goes upwind great. The fin makes no difference. I
      get upwind quicker on a LiteWave 136.

      > I've never seen ... a single 6 inch fin in the middle of a
      directional board.

      It replaced 4 stock fins. Easier/cheaper to experiment with
      different sizes, only one tip vortex & endplate interference area,
      and always running at a positive angle of attack (unlike any toe side
      fin on a kiteboard - look at your wake sometime). They used to use 3
      fins on sailboards too, remember?

      > How does it jump?

      It jumps great, like any directional board.

      > I've never seen you jump in the past months.
      > You used to jump all the time, what's up ?

      I haven't even ridden at all in the last month & a half. Prior to
      that I'd only recently switched to the Guerilla, which (like any new
      kite) takes a while to get the jump timing down, especially when the
      winds are unseasonably poor. I do ride far upwind, so you may not
      SEE me jumping. Also, if I'm not powered up the right amount* to
      jump well, I don't usually bother, especially within easy viewing of
      the beach, where you can whip the kite back perfectly & have a lull
      reduce your jump height to an embarrasing few feet.

      *overpowered is not as good as just right.

      Here's the "Reader's Digest" version of my previous post:

      > yeah those things happen all the time.
      > not.

      On the contrary, bystander injuries DO happen.

      > a slap on the face by a kite is nothing

      Not if it knocks a bystander over (especially on the rocks).

      > - who is rep'ing us at Cabrillo?


      > Mr D Gallet knows more than we do.

      No, he doesn't.

      > just ask the nice people to catch your kite.

      Ha ha! Good one!

      > - better yet say it in your best spanish

      Sorry. No habla Espanol.

      > drop the kite in the water and reel it in.-

      Good idea, as long as you can do that before it touches a bystander,
      & you don't mind inconveniencing other riders with your downed lines.

      > why be afraid of your own shadow...?

      Only the WIND shadow of the cliffs scares us.

      > ...lifeguards ...no...kiters have
      > even shown them how to hold a kite in a depowered position

      We've TOLD them. You're welcome to show them yourself. Just make
      sure you show them to grab one TIP & hang on HARD before moving to
      make the lines slack, since that's the only method which works for
      all kites.

      I agree with the lifeguards' decision to prevent kiteboarding here on

      Prevent bans: Leash your kite.

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