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    Jun 30, 2003
      Summer Restrictions:
      Due to the unusually large crowds that gather at the beach for this
      coming holiday, the SCKA is asking everyone please, do not Kite at
      Belmont on July 4th

      Bolsa Chica is now Black Balled, on WEEKENDS ONLY, effective June
      13 - September 15, from the Main Lifeguard Headquarters north to
      Lifeguard Tower 28 (lines up with Jack and the Box) from 12 PM - 5
      PM. No body boarding, kiting, surfing or windsurfing during this
      time. You will be chased away by the lifeguards.

      The Seal Beach launching restrictions are in force effective June 15-
      Sept. 15. You must launch and land between the two signs at all
      times. For more info on all the other restrictions please go to the
      website at http://www.scka.org/Local%20pages/sealbeach.htm
      While riding there PLEASE be courteous to the windsurfers and look
      before you jump.

      It's now official. For various reasons, including maintaining your
      own safety & your own access privileges here, there will be no
      kiteboarding, power kite flying, or body-dragging allowed by the
      lifeguards at Cabrillo Beach on SUMMER WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS from
      July 4th through Labor Day. This is subject to change without
      notice, & will most likely start on Memorial Day next year.

      San Quintin 4th of July Baja Road Trip:
      Who: SCKA www.scka.org and friends (Margarita and Jose Quervo to
      name a few) windsurfers are welcome as there is plenty of room, with
      three bays, and a wide open beach.
      What: Road Trip to San Quintin, Baja – Party Friday Night with
      Bonfire, Fireworks new Videos Screening and the days sessions, a
      Contest, Demos and an expression session, with awards
      Clinic: There will be a basic clinic with Q&A, a Women's clinic, and
      there will be instructors available for lessons.
      When: Friday 4th July Sunday July 6th
      Where: San Quintin, Baja Mexico, 4 hours south of the Border See
      link for more details
      Why: This time of year San Quintin, gets some awesome wind, stead 18-
      20 knots. Kite size around 8-10 flat depending of weight of rider.
      Winds blow from side-shore to slightly side-on shore. There is a
      large bay with flat water and only waist deep, as well as open Ocean
      with a nice wave break. There will be a rescue boat available at no

      I will try to coordinate caravans so please let me know if you
      attend to go, approximately. when, time/date depart/return if you
      have room for additional passengers etc. and a phone number and
      email address so I can put groups together.

      Please contact Johne Chandler for more details at 858-775-8949 or
      email jchandl1@...

      Stolen Kite:
      Here is a detailed description from Luke of his kite stolen from
      Seal Beach. Also another member reported his wet wetsuit being
      stolen from the back of his car while de-rigging. He did recover it
      from the perpetrators, however we all need to be aware of our
      surroundings, and don't leave anything unattended, if even for a
      moment, during the summer crowds:

      It's a North Rhino 1, 12 square meters. The kite is dark charcoal
      grey with green bladders and tips. The trailing edge is black.
      Attached is a picture of it during it's recent trip to Cabarete! I
      bought it new in January of 2002. It was stolen without the bag and

      If you see a kite that fits this description, you can verify for
      sure by checking one of the latex bladders. I know I did a recent
      repair to the smallest right-most bladder (right hand side when
      looking at the kite from underneath with the main bladder on top).
      If you just open the velcro access hole on this bladder, you will
      find a minor repair to the end of the latex bladder inside. I don't
      remember whether the bladder had delaminated and I just squirted a
      bunch of glue to seal it, or whether it was done with a patch, but
      you will see a repair to the end.

      I'd suggest if the thief comes in trying to sell the kite, say
      something like "these kites tend to fail in this bladder area - let
      me have a look at its condition".

      Likewise, if someone comes in looking for a bar for their "newly
      purchased" kite, maybe ask what kind of kite the bar will be used
      with (say you need to know this to choose the proper line setup or
      something like that). Maybe even offer to check the rigging of the
      bar to the kite.

      I'll gladly give a $100 reward for anyone that finds the kite. I can
      be contacted at (714) 721-3334 (mobile)
      Thanks again,
      Luke Bilger

      Belmont Wind Sensor
      As you may know, iKitesurf is working toward installing a new wind
      sensor at Belmont Shore but first they need 12 new members
      Belmont Shore is now on their map as a "HELP US" Site:
      By using the www.iKitesurf.com/SCKA link, any person to sign up for
      new membership will also get $20 OFF their membership. (FX-Internet
      membership, Wireless Web membership, and Wind Pager are all
      options), AND using the www.iKitesurf.com/SCKA link will also add
      the new Member to the list of people who's names will be counted
      toward the 12 *new* members needed to install the sensor at Belmont

      Fly Safe and Have a Great 4th!
      SCKA Directors