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  • vide72au
    May 5, 2003
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      Whose the little whining bitch?! Who made you the style police?

      It seems that the real whiners are the ones that are too worried about what style is in
      and what is out. Get over yourself and your 'cool style' and chill out.

      Does anyone remember kiteboarding 3-4 years ago? There was no attitude and no
      bullshit like that that had been built up in surfing and windsurfing. There was no
      teritory wars, and no one blasting around with a stupid screwed up look on their face
      like they hate everything and everybody on the water. For a few years - this was the
      best thing about the sport, and the fact that every session you could try new things
      and push boundaries, and everyone else you met with a kite was open and cool.

      Now we have these little narrow minded fundamentalist dicks who want to preach the
      rules of how to ride, how to grab etc. Personally, I don't give a toss. I am not about to
      go and buy a mag to read what I should be doing so I can be cool. I am not
      kiteboarding to impress anyone. My ego is OK how it is. Kiteboarding is personal -
      and not evey one is an exhibitionist who wants to follow the rules of whats cool this
      week. The funny thing is that the real people leading the charge don't give a crap
      about what's cool either. They do it for the fun and the challenge and they mix it up.

      It's also too early to be locking in to one style. What's cool is people like Elliot Leboe
      who has used wakeboards for years, out there boosting huge a few years ago with
      foils (which I must admit are quite gay ;-) or riding waves on big surfboards or
      foilboards or whatever. its about innovation, not doing the same tricks you were
      doing behind your boat 10 years ago.

      Personally, my ultimate session is like the old days. Wind and sun and just a few
      dudes trying new things. Whether they be wakestyle, 'dick tricks' whatever it's all cool.

      it's the little moron red necks like this guy who will eventually kill our sport.

      And I don't rember anyone knocking wakestyle. I do remeber a few people saying that
      no-whip is a little odd though... Why pretend you are behind a a boat and only do 3
      foot jumps when you have a kite that you can send?

      P.S. What is a dick trick anyway? Is that chicken loop style with board off, 1 footers

      You have to admit that some the people that ride this style - people like Boombie,
      Bill, Ben Wilson etc. are pretty good riders. ;-P

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "big_ohr" <bigohrr@a...> wrote:
      > Just read the archives concerning the australian nationals ... You
      > guys bitching about guys who ride with wakeboards really are
      > fags.
      > You want kiteboarding to stay as some foul form of aerial ballet..
      > Slow and gay with no consequence. Yuk. The recent massive over use of
      > board off dick tricks really turned it to crap. Might as well spin a
      > yo-yo up there, there is really no difference.
      > It is old nerds like you that are keeping the sport gay. Rather go
      > and measure your chicken loops and chat about how long they are on
      > the internet than go ride. Its embarrasing.
      > If they ever make it cheap enough and the kids come in and take over,
      > things are gunna change...
      > You really are a bunch of little bitches.
      > OHR
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