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65730Re: Flexifoil Storm 2 Leashless Safety System

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  • Greg Walsh
    May 2, 2003
      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Kite Power \(Sydney\)"
      <sydney@k...> wrote:
      > Hi All
      > I have been extremely busy, sick of all the abuse on the newsgroups
      > time I made a post, and just lately I have been actually sick with
      a nasty
      > case of the shingles, so I have not been posting much or even
      visiting the
      > newsgroups for a few months.

      > And just for the "my brand rules" types, Flexifoil have been making
      > selling, very successfully, awesome power kites for 29 years. There
      is no
      > other kite company with their depth of experience, so every other
      > sucks! Storms are awesome inflatable kites, don't be conned by
      > co/clothing co/rich kid bought a kite co, based marketing, check
      out the
      > kites from the most experience kitemakers on the planet.

      Sounds like you are nearly back to full strength! :o)) Shingles suck
      big time. Thanks for the reply.
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