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65278help with bladder repair please

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  • maxmelky
    Apr 1, 2003
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      was pumping up my x216 when the bladder popped at the knuckle....of
      the leading edge...

      where it popped....the bladder is kind of blown out....stretched a

      now where there is a split....about a cm+ (1/2 inch) long, the
      bladder sits up somewhat wrinkled...

      anyone had success at fixing this type of leak.....

      should i perhaps cut off the stretched part that sits up....and try
      to patch the split.....or..

      perhaps try to glue another piece of similar plastic (off an ole
      bladder)over the ruptured section?

      any and all help appreciated...

      seems too little a problem to have to buy a new bladder?

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