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64906Re: Aussie Nats CALL TO ACTION

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  • Greg Walsh
    Mar 8, 2003
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      It seems to me that kitesurfing competitions are inherently unsafe.
      They could be safer but I don't think many organisers are interested.

      At the last competition I was thinking of entering:
      - Many competitors did not use leashes despite the commentator
      telling the public how they were compulsory.
      - The competition area was right on the beach with several
      competitors having to take extreme avasive action to avoind ending up
      on the sand.
      - Heats of 5 riders resulted in kite tangles in half the heats I
      - The tide went out so the competition area was reduced and
      surrounded by rocks.
      - No safety marshalls in the downwind zone to look after downed kites
      or retrieve lost kites.

      As a spectator I find watching kitesurf competition heats very
      boring. The best of the go-big guys are really good and if I could be
      sure to see just the finals I probably would make the effort.

      I think the extremely technical moves are very boring for spectators.
      I appreciate the skill but you can't really see what's happening with
      a spinny handlepass move. The public like huuuuuuge jumps. Big board-
      off tricks add a little to the interest but the main attraction is
      extremly big air and lots of colour.

      Just a thought. I race with 30-40 kitesurfers all heading off at once
      would look fantastic. A wide field could give plenty of vertical
      separation and all kites moving in the same direction would reduce
      the risk of tangles.


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