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64901Re: Aussie Nats CALL TO ACTION

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  • vide72au
    Mar 7, 2003
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      Hey B

      I certainly wasn't knocking Balls - it was only ever a matter of time for him to win one of these events. Balls, Boonie and Norts are all crazy fearless f'ers and now they have some consistency they will kick arse.

      Dunno about the judging as I wasn't there...

      My point was that we shouldn't be following other sports and dictating what's cool. Internationally, riding styles will change each year. Super power moves and kite loops might be in right now. Next year it might be nothing under 40' counts or kickflips. Board-offs were certainly a big deal last year and won Mark Shinn his World Champion status.

      I like Balls riding style a lot - but what I don't like is the narrow minded wakestyle 'no whip' attitude that pretends you are behind a boat. This is not Balls' style, as you can hardly call his huge Monkey moves no whip.

      Personally, I want to see people risking their arse like motocross in competition at that level. (Balls moves certainly count for that). I also want to see precision. If you stuff it when wakeboarding you can't just get up and go straight away again as if nothing happened.

      Is there a system worked out for judging that is objective, and one where everyone knows the deal. Don't the PKRA have points or degree of difficulty for different moves? (I am sure if they do, Slim Chance and Monkey Indy would be at the top of the list).

      Tabithas point about safety and leashes is a fair point too. I am not sure what the answer to this should be...

      Anyway - there is a comp on in Melbourne this weekend so well see how that one goes. I think it's a big air comp - so the 'no whip' guys might want to stay at home. ;-)
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