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64425Re: Large kite wanted!! Compare: Naish X2 20m, North Rhino 22m, Cabrinha BT 15.5m

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  • kiteripper <nigeltresbon@aol.com>
    Feb 4, 2003
      --Hi ,
      i have the cabrinha b.t 20 mtr 2003 . The last big kite i owned was a
      15.5 Black tip.( don't settle for a 2002 model kite )The 2003 model
      is a fantastic kite it turns like a kite half its size much like the
      2002 9.4 black tip . Its down low isn't that great i still need white
      caps to do any jumps and stay up wind .When it comes into its own is
      when the wind gets a little stronger .It has excellent up high wind
      range and can boost you off this planet . Perfect for doing board off
      tricks the hang time is huge . I geuss i can hold this kite to about
      18 knots i am 87 kgs and ride a 137 board . I must say this is
      probably my faveroute kite .I like going out when other guys are on
      14 and 17 kites getting average air time . Pull out the 20mtr and go
      Hope that helps

      - In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Heiko Bailer <heiko_bailer@y...>"
      <heiko_bailer@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I want to buy a large size high performance 2003 kite shipped to
      > US within the next 10 days..and do I need some advice on the 2003
      > models and sizes....
      > Does anyone have experience how the Naish X2 20m^2, North Rhino
      > 22m^2, and Cabrinha BT 15.5m^2 compare in terms of size and
      > performance?
      > Thanks alot, and please let me know if you sell.
      > Heiko.
      > +1 206 226 1314
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