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  • rohin156 <rohin@aireyryanandhill.com.au>
    Feb 2, 2003
      first thing i wood reccomend i gettin rid of a seat harness if u are
      in my experience of windsurfing 10 years and bout 6 months of kiting
      they do nothing but give u wedgies and uncomfortable grief.

      waist harnesses do ride up a little but i would rather that and save
      my crown jewels.

      in terms of tightness, i suck in hard and to it up as tight as
      possible cos as soon as they get wet they tend to stretch a little and
      move around with high forces of kites.
      for a seat i would do it up tite at the spreader bar but not too tite
      at the legs as u may end up with blue balls and dead swimmers.


      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "puppyjazz <puppyjazz@y...>"
      <puppyjazz@y...> wrote:
      > Hi there...
      > How tight do you usually make your harness? I'm suffering from a
      > groin-strain and I'm trying to figure out how I can get back on the
      > water as fast as possible without injuring myself even more.
      > In that regard I was wondering how tight you all make your harness.
      > No-one has ever really told me how to put the damn thing on so I've
      > just tightened it as much as I could. I'm beginning to doubt if that
      > is a good idea. Especially the straps going through the legs!?
      > So - how tight IS the harness supposed to be?
      > Cheers!
      > Brian
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