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6412[ksurf] Re: Stoked

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  • AhClem0013@aol.com
    Nov 1, 1999
      In a message dated 11/1/1999 12:41:24 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      kw@... writes:

      > I guess I need to know more about it. I gathered from the
      > original email that the kite collapses. In my limited
      > experience with ram-air kites, collapse is not a good thing,
      > as the kite then falls from the sky. If it doesn't fall to
      > the ground, it falls into the power zone and reinflates, at
      > which time it pulls hard and suddenly.
      > I must be wrong about this, though. What is meant by "kite
      > collapses," and what happens after this event?

      Okay, context is important. Yes, totall collapse is exactly what we want
      Ken. This was an emergency situation when all the guy wanted was complete
      and total shut down of power. The great thing about a four line foil, is you
      can turn the power off like a switch. This is done as i described, by
      grabbing the lines with your hand(NOT by manipulating the handles or bar!) ,
      it is then very important to keep the lines back so the kite DOES NOT
      inflate, until you are safe and ready.

      You only use this drill in an emergency, but brother, if you need it, it

      I was in En Zed going across the ground at 40mph+ once when i needed it! The
      gust that caught me nocked down a lot of stuff and almost ran me into a barb
      wired fence! Even though i was upside down on the ground going faster than
      i'd ever been with a kite, it was easy to collapse the kite.

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