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63773Re: Kiteboarding Mag Attitude Problem

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  • cummins_s <cummins_s@yahoo.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      Could you please list some good sites to download the educational


      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony <captain1@i...>"
      <captain1@i...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > I dont even see why you sould want to buy the magazine at all. I
      > eventually found that the magazine is definitly not worth my ten
      > bucks! The gear reviews are really late - I can read about the
      > kites here and even see them on my beaches (Australia) before
      > Kiteboarding has a review. Even then their reviews seem a little
      > biased.
      > And tricks...... shit with some of the tricks these days a photo
      > sequence is really not worth a lot. First picture he is heelside.
      > Next picture he is in the air backwards. What the F$ck happened in
      > between?? Oh there is a caption lets read it. It has words that I
      > never heard of "tantrum", "KGB", etc...... If I go from heal side
      > a tantrum then it would generally involve me falling to the ground
      > and pounding my fists on the floor while screaming. I know these
      > pro's are brats, but how do they do this then end up in the air??
      > You wanna learn tricks - then get videos. There are plenty of free
      > ones on the net. These you can run in slow motion on your PC and
      > exactly what is happening. Way more instructional than
      the "picture
      > out-of-sequence"
      > For the rest of the mag - well I dont want to spend $10 just to
      > ads or lame editorial bullshit. Use the money more wisely and buy
      > McDonald meal - at least you get to enjoy it twice!
      > Cheers
      > Anthony
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