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  • Anthony <captain1@iname.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      I dont even see why you sould want to buy the magazine at all. I have
      eventually found that the magazine is definitly not worth my ten
      bucks! The gear reviews are really late - I can read about the latest
      kites here and even see them on my beaches (Australia) before
      Kiteboarding has a review. Even then their reviews seem a little

      And tricks...... shit with some of the tricks these days a photo
      sequence is really not worth a lot. First picture he is heelside.
      Next picture he is in the air backwards. What the F$ck happened in
      between?? Oh there is a caption lets read it. It has words that I
      never heard of "tantrum", "KGB", etc...... If I go from heal side to
      a tantrum then it would generally involve me falling to the ground
      and pounding my fists on the floor while screaming. I know these
      pro's are brats, but how do they do this then end up in the air??

      You wanna learn tricks - then get videos. There are plenty of free
      ones on the net. These you can run in slow motion on your PC and see
      exactly what is happening. Way more instructional than the "picture

      For the rest of the mag - well I dont want to spend $10 just to read
      ads or lame editorial bullshit. Use the money more wisely and buy a
      McDonald meal - at least you get to enjoy it twice!



      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, "jimhartnett45 <jimhartnett45@y...>"
      <jimhartnett45@y...> wrote:
      > Kiteboarding Magazine and its editor, Ryan Riccitelli, seem to
      > have an attitude problem. The "in your face" attempts to be super
      > cool give kitesurfing a bad name and contribute to negative
      > public perceptions of our sport.
      > Case 1: Ryan seems obsessed by pornography. He feels
      > compelled to ask almost every one of the "youth brigade"
      > interviewees about pornography. eg Q to Garfield King (age 14):
      > [Which do you prefer] "Stuff or Penthouse?" Funny huh? Pretty
      > cool? Does implicit (even attempted humourous) endorsement
      > of pornography to minors cross a legal boundary? Similar
      > questions abound in previous issues. Do questions like this
      > help to make the female readership feel comfortable? Does it
      > help to dispel the macho image of Kitesurfing and attract women
      > kitesurfers?
      > Case 2: A recent issue of Kiteboarding Mag featured a picture of
      > an obese kitesurfer wearing a helmet with a large caption:"Don't
      > Be a Helmet." The juxtaposition was clearly disparaging the man
      > featured in the photograph in particular and the wearing of a
      > helmet in general. All other photos in the magazine showed
      > muscled athletic kitesurfers generally wearing no safety
      > precautions (helmets, leashes, impact vests). It was no
      > coincidence that only one photo displayed an obese, unfit
      > middle-aged man in an unflattering pose wearing a HELMET.
      > "Kiteboarding Mag" tried desperately to backtrack in its Jan 2003
      > edition by describing the poor man featured as a "cool guy that I
      > met in Texas who was learning to kite." Maybe the mag decided
      > to call the poor man "cool" because he was threatening to sue
      > their pants off. The editorial attempts at justification were sad
      > and bordered on the ridiculous. Ryan admits he was equating
      > the word "helmet" with "dick" (as in dickhead) but then tries to
      > say he wasn't making fun of helmets.... Go figure.
      > Case 3: In its attempts to be super cool, KB Mag places little
      > emphasis on safety. Few articles focus specifically on safety.
      > Virtually no riders are shown wearing safety leashes or helmets.
      > Case 4: Ryan slams the kiteboarding "underworld" that exists in
      > internet e-groups and chat rooms. He may have a point when he
      > says "many of these cyber-kite-boarders spend their spare time
      > dissecting and analyzing our sport while the rest of us are on the
      > water progressing....oftentimes the people who answer the qs
      > are not qualified to respond." Yeh, these things may be true. But
      > these e-groups can be helpful (eg the Airush forum- does have a
      > few kooks, but is generally helpful). They also enable issues like
      > the attitude problem of Kiteboarding Mag to be aired without
      > editorial censorship or a ridiculous spin being put on the letters.
      > There is a perception that many kiteboarders have a bad attitude.
      > Contributing to this perception are irresponsible safety practices,
      > injuries to innocent bystanders, countless rider injuries and an
      > escalating death toll. There is a distinct subculture in
      > which espouses an "in your face" two-fingered-saluting,
      > trash-talking, board-short over wetsuit and penis obsessed
      > macho dickhead mentality. Kiteboarding Mag is in the vanguard.
      > It is the irresponsible, selfish, in-your-face kitesurfer who is
      > contributing to kitesurfing being banned from beaches around
      > the world.
      > In a larger geopolitical climate, there is a perception in some
      > parts of the world that the Western World is decadent, insensitive
      > to other cultures, and culturally imperialistic. It is the in-your-
      > aggressive macho/porno better-than-you image promoted by
      > organisations like Kiteboarding Mag which may help reinforce
      > this misconception.
      > Having said all of that, I'll still be buying the Mag. There is
      > enough good stuff (eg location and gear reviews, trick
      > sequences) to keep me coming back for more. Nevertheless,
      > let's get real. We kitesurf because we love it; we love the wind,
      > the water, the sensation of surging through the air and water
      > carried on a wind borne wing. I listen to JS Bach and wear a
      > helmet and leash; I try to be careful of and respectful of other
      > water users. I don't need to read pornography, trash talk, 2-finger
      > salute and disparage others to have fun on the water.
      > Let's not let KB Mag or Ryan Riccitelli off the hook. There are
      > problems which should be addressed:
      > 1] Ryan's pornocentric interviews to minors.
      > 2] Ryan's general obsession with pornography eg Continual
      > references to Penthouse
      > 3] Sexism and objectification of women eg Cyber Cindy photos. A
      > posting on www.kiteforum.com indicates women DO feel
      > uncomfortable about KB Mag's soft porn sexism.
      > 4] Please tell me the "Cyber Cindy" photo in the Jan 2003 issue
      > shows a girl over the age of 18. She certainly looks younger; it
      > would be sick and legally dubious if, as I suspect, Ryan has
      > published a picture of a teenager in a suggestive pose for the
      > average 30yo readership to ogle.
      > 5] There is a distinct "better than you" in your face attitude
      > promoted by KB Mag and Ryan. The "Don't be a Helmet" article
      > was clearly disparaging the obese man in the photo and the
      > wearing of helmets in general. Ryan's attempts at justification
      > WERE sad and bordered on the ridiculous. Subsequently
      > describing the poor guy featured as "some cool guy" was a
      > virtual admission of guilt. What makes a guy "cool?" "Coolness"
      > implies trendiness and acceptance by the clique. We don't know
      > anything about the poor man featured other than the fact that he
      > is obese, middle-aged, and DOESN'T fit KB's prevailing image of
      > "cool" because he is wearing a helmet, impact vest, seat
      > harness, and is striking an unflattering pose.
      > 6] There is a brown-nosing side to the Mag which is regrettable.
      > eg The "readers' poll" of favourite kitesurfers which simply
      > seemed like Ryan's attempts to suck up to a certain clique of
      > American riders. Why wasn't Mark Shinn featured? Surely
      > Americans are not so insular as to exclude a rider of Shinn's
      > calibre simply because he is not American? The top 10 thing
      > seemed symptomatic of Ryan's immaturiy and KB's attempts at
      > ingratiation and a reflection of insularity.
      > 7] There is minimal focus on safety. There is a subtle
      > encouragement of unsafe practices in the photos. eg No
      > leashes, no helmets, generally no impact vests.
      > 8] There IS a distinct subculture in Kitesurfing which thrives on
      > trash-talking, arrogant, in-your-face, and antisocial behaviour.
      > This subset is overly represented in injuries to themselves,
      > bystanders, and damage to property. This subset is helping to
      > bring kitesurfing into disrepute and contributing to bans. This
      > drunken redneck trash-talking two-finger saluting attitude is
      > encouraged by KB Mag in its syntax ("Dude" "Cool" "Don't be a
      > helmet" "Penthouse" "Sick"), articles, attitude, and soft-porn
      > focus.
      > 9] In a larger geopolitical context, we as kitesurfers, have a
      > responsibility to our sport and our countries. Aggression,
      > redneck sexism, poking fun at people who don't fit the image (eg
      > obesity) is a bad reflection on Kitesurfing and the Western
      > lifestyle. We probably should try to be sensitive to other people
      > and cultures in this era; KB Mag's aggro macho porno insular
      > attitude encourages misconceptions about the West and
      > encourages immitation in an impressionable immature
      > readership. I get angry with this arrogant
      > in-your-face-better-than-you attitude, and I'm a Westerner who
      > loves kitesurfing. Imagine the effect on a non-kitesurfer from
      > another culture and country.
      > 10] For those who say we should "get a life" and stop
      > complaining, that we should be kitesurfing rather than sitting at
      > our computers... Fair point. But it doesn't blow all the time and
      > is possible to bring attention to issues like KB Mag's attitude
      > which DO impact on our sport.
      > Kiteboarding Mag and Ryan Riccitelli DO have a bad attitude.
      > Some of the articles, gear and location reviews, even the ads,
      > will keep me coming back for more. It is still possible to like the
      > photos, ads, reviews etc, and be repulsed by the editorial
      > shortcomings. I won't be voting with my wallet, I will be continue
      > to buy the Mag, despite the sad editorial line. It is fair to say
      > there is considerable antagonism towards KB Mag because of
      > its editorial line and attitude; it is probably fair to assume that
      > significant number of kitesurfers have vetoed the mag. It may be
      > worthwhile informing the Mag's owners [World Publications] that
      > their bottom line could be improved by a change of editor or
      > editorial attitude. Similarly, it may be worth informing some of
      > the advertisers (Naish, Wipika, Slingshot, North, Liquid Force,
      > Pryde, Cabrinha, Flexifoil, Honda, JoJo, Flysurfer, NSI, Airush)
      > that the redneck in-your-face aggro macho porno attitude
      > espoused in the Mag reflects poorly on their product.
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