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63768Re: [arcusers] O-RING WARNING !! (use 3/16" or 5mm thick ONLY!)

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  • kiteboard2000 <kiteboarder@pacbell.net>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Mark Pronk <mpronk@m...> wrote:

      > Greg, Mel,
      > I did break 2 rings 3mm with approx the same load specs which were

      You guys have brought up some good points (use expensive, X-rayed,
      warranted, load tested rings, setup without point loading, etc.),
      but I'm thinking that simply switching to the same style cheap ring
      but in the next thickest size (5mm or 3/16") should be fine, since
      that should increase the strength by about 66%. Also, if the broken
      3mm ones were taking the full load of both front lines*, then we can
      just retie them as I described earlier** & it will DOUBLE the

      *By the way, were the rings you broke set up like that?

      **Attach one front line directly to the top of the adjustment strap,
      so the load of that front line is not on the ring.

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