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63764Re: Kiteboarding Mag Attitude Problem

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  • Stuart Morrison <stuartcmorrison@hotmail
    Jan 1, 2003
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      A commercial magazines' sole purpose is to make money & in doing so
      it only has to satisfy two groups. The first is the shareholders, in
      this case World Publications & as long as the expected profit is
      being made they won't get involved. The second group is the
      advertisers. In return for chucking money at a publication
      advertisers not only want there agreed ad, placed in the most ideal
      location, they also want good reviews on there products.

      If you want honest product reviews then talk to people who have
      bought & used the kit you're asking about & who have nothing to gain
      by saying good things, this group & groups like it are ideal.

      If you really want to change this mag then don't buy it, if enough
      people feel the same way then things will change... Its simple

      Cheers, Stuart.

      BTW. for the record we don't get this mag in the UK.
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