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6360[ksurf] Re: board questions

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  • Daniel Gagnon
    Oct 31, 1999
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      For vacuum bag molding ask again , I'm sure someone
      know about it on this list.

      Best regards,


      Le 31-Oct-99, Borden a écrit:

      >A couple of questions:
      >What are the major differences between a traditional wakeboard and one
      >designed especially for kitesurfing?
      >Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows where I might find plans (or at least
      >a good description/dimensions) for building a directional kiteboard,
      >either with traditional fiberglass construction or some sort of
      >wood/fiberglass composite? And if not for a kiteboard, perhaps for a
      >windsurf or surf board? Any info would be great!

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