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63026Re: bridle system for 2002 airblast

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  • hernanhome
    Dec 1, 2002
      First, what size of AB is is? If 11.8 go with bridles, the 8,4 don't
      need them.
      You have two long lines, the first one is folded and sewed so you
      have 3 ends, two with sewed loops and the other have some
      knots at the end. This is the "reactive" bridle. The first loop (one
      line) goes to the Leading Edge pigtail (front), then grab the
      knotted end and pass it thru the back pulley.
      If you want backwards relaunching capabilities you have to use
      the second long line. The third strut have a webbing loop at its
      end. Pass the line thru the webbing and make a loop knot. At the
      other end you have other loop, this one goes to long (rear) bridle
      line in between the knots.
      The best is ask a wipi rider to give you some help at the beach.
      (I don't understand my explanation myself)

      Good luck

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "kitethis" <pressyb@e...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know how to re-attach the briddle, for each side
      > there are three lines, one short, and two long, with one of the
      > long pieces having a bunch of knots for different settings.
      > know what attaches where. thanks Prescott, trying to help out
      > my friend with new kite
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