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63021Re: leash?front v back self land?

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  • vide72au
    Dec 1, 2002

      you can self land neatly on the beach with the front line leash. Give the safety
      a good hard pull as the kite goes down, and it will spin to land leading edge

      Works for me on 10m, 14m, and 20m X2's in any wind that is possible to
      kitesurf in.

      Just make sure you land the kite to the opposite side that your leash is
      connected so you can spin the kite around to land leading edge into the wind.


      > > I use a bar that has the leash attached to the outside lines - to my
      > > wrist. I do not like the idea of shackle riding - not for me.
      > >
      > > Some manufacturers have gone to leashes attached to the FRONT lines
      > > running near the chicken loop. What is the advantages to running this
      > > setup? ...
      > >...Anyone that has used the frontline and rearline setup and can provide
      > > insight would be appreciated.
      > >
      > > Skip
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