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63018Rhino 2 windranges

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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    Nov 30, 2002
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      Hi Jim,
      I weigh 80kgs and ride a UG 137WT. I have a 10m, 14m and 18m Rhino
      2. Ihave yet to experiment a great deal with the 10m so I can't comment with
      good conscience. However the 14m and the 18m have been tested in a variety
      of water and wind conditions. Absolute top end for the 18m would have to be
      20knots for me in flat water going super slow. I was getting the BIGGEST
      jumps I have ever gotten from any kite I have flown to date.
      I don't like to baffle with bullshit and claim ultimate low windrange
      because to be honest if I can't jump I won't pump up a kite. So with that in
      mind I can do nice little airs and small transitions in anything over
      10knots. Below 10 is painfully boring unless you have an opposing tide or
      some hot chicks watching you who are impressed with you riding back and
      forth. The 18m is very stable for a semi monster and I would really like to
      try a full kite loop jump on it in the right conditions.
      Now onto the 14m. The biggest wind I would put the 14m up in is probably
      around 28knots. This kite behaves slightly differently to the 18 in its
      upper range. The 18 maintains much the same speed but the 14 speeds up
      considerably when fully lit. I have yet to boost this kite as big as the 18
      but it is only a matter of time because I think that this kite is the big
      air machine. If you want to know the low end capabilities of the 14 I am
      unsure as I have not yet flown it underpowered. If I can't hold the 18 I am
      well into the 14 range. This suggests that a 12 and 18 would possibly be a
      better quiver. You will have to answer that question for yourself.

      I have found over the years I have been Kite buggying and traction kiting,
      that windrange is a very personal thing. Bottom end is a skill issue and top
      end is a weight/balls/brains issue. Work your way to the top end of a kite
      slowly and if you want to achieve ultimate low end buy an ultralite stunt
      kite and learn how to fly in circles. You can never have too much kite skill
      and you can only learn so many skills from an inflatable.

      Cya and Goodwinds,
      David Corrin
      302 Grand Pde, Sans Souci, NSW
      tel: (02) 9529 6894
      Also at Coogee, and Geelong VIC