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62245[ksurf] Re: So cal winds

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  • Jeff Quick
    Nov 6, 2002
      Yea, Mel is right...

      You'll need a private plane.. These places can be RAW...you'll have
      to bring a tent, etc. Nothing around for miles.

      Some of the small mexican towns off of Highway 1 have motels
      though...a few are top notch, and others are like sleeping in an
      alleyway with a bed. Fun or not? depends on your perspective! ;-)

      Of course the kiting is phenomenal.

      For 4 day weekends...depends on your job, but some companies these
      days want ALL of your time... including your weekends...


      PS: The past few days in San Diego have been pretty damn good... 15-
      18 MPH steady. Huge swell is on the way to make it even more fun.
      So we do get our days...just dont know WHEN it will blow.

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Stefano P. Rosso" <stefano@o...> wrote:
      > Aside from that you'll think So Cal is the place to
      > > ride...which will wear off after 2 months of no 'good' wind.
      > thanks jeff. is it possible to fly to sancarlos or another spot
      > there ? 8 hours of driving is pretty tough... you need a 4 day
      > to make it worthwhile and i hear they dont have many 4 day weekends
      > the US (tons in brazil)
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