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62224[ksurf] Re: So cal winds

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  • Jeff Quick
    Nov 6, 2002
      San Carlos is just over 8 hours south of the USA/Mexico Border and
      requires off road driving the last stretch of the way.

      There are a few spots north of san carlos with winds 'almost as good'
      and much less of a driving commitment. the further south you go from
      the border, the more you start getting out of the shadowing effects
      of point conception...so you get more of the predominant wind effect
      to kick off and help boost the local thermal winds. Mid-summer can
      get gusty though as the deserts form heat pockets that chop up the
      wind. Its still better than no wind.

      San Carlos is EPIC if you want perfect wave sailing, but you'll be
      sharing the spot with hard-core windsurfers. It blows mainly in the
      spring/summer months. I am sure it still blows in winter, but
      probably not as much. Alot of people start heading to the other side
      to San Felipe (on the gulf side)...about 4 hours south of the other

      So there are options when the wind is dead in So Cal. And keep in
      mind... when you DO get wind in So Cal, its probably going to be
      better than alot of other really windy places... Tourmaline in San
      Diego is one of the best spots in the world to ride...but it doesnt
      blow there all that often...and its Mega-crowded with surfers and
      kitesurfers, even when the wind is nuking...as the surf never really
      blows out. Aside from that you'll think So Cal is the place to
      ride...which will wear off after 2 months of no 'good' wind.


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      > kiteboard2000 wrote:
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      > >
      > >>Im 80 kg... i guess the best quiver is a 1510 and 1120...
      > >
      > >
      > > Yes, unless you're going to be going to San Carlos, in which case
      > > might be best to have an 840 instead of the 1120.
      > >
      > where is San Carlos ?
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