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62095Re: Slingshot Fuels

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  • James
    Nov 3, 2002
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      Hi Nick,

      > Then the figures on this site must be incorrect.
      > http://www.white-reef.com/Kite/Wings/Fuel_2003.htm

      Yeah that's wierd. All the stuff I have heard is that these kites are
      powerful for their size but who knows.

      > Could you tell me what the shackle on the chicken loop is (if it has
      > a name on it). Also, does it release okay?

      The bars I got are the old ones. They don't have the QR on the chicken
      loop. They also don't have the adjustable stopper on the chicken loop
      line. The shop says the new bar won't be available in Australia
      (anyone know about this?).

      Also, had a go on the 15m last Friday. Wind was 10 - 16 knots, and at
      times I was really powered, but also underpowered at others. I was
      more powered than 14m X2's, and when the wind died was the last one out
      on the water. I still need to play around with the connection points
      to get the power sussed out. In the dealers manual it says that they
      recommend using the 2 innermost points (this would give more power). I
      haven't tried on these yet. I am still waiting for some proper wind.

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