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62077Re: Need Opinions on Concept Air kites

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  • glucas22
    Nov 2, 2002
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      I use The New Wave 9.3, 6.3 and 4.9. I really enjoy them. The only
      durability problem I have had is a small seam tear from not
      being careful picking the kite up with water in it. I have not used
      anything else so I cannot comment on how much better anything else is
      but I have enjoyed using them. I launch and land them myself in the
      water as there is no beach to launch from here. As long as I can
      stand in the water far enough out to drift launch I can solo launch
      the kites. I have used them in Florida a number of times and find I
      enjoy them even more there, as the wind is very gusty where I live
      and much more steady in Florida on the Gulf beaches.

      I use the third line to power up and depower the kite quite a lot. I
      do not use the adjustment strap. Instead I grab the strap and pull it
      to the bar with one hand. I slide my hand back and forth along the
      bar with the strap to power up and down quickly. This way I can
      instantly release the considerable extra pull if I get over powered
      in a gust.

      I also use the kites on the snow and I find they are great for that
      as well.

      As a beginner, I think you will find the slower speed of the kite
      easier to deal with. The kite also parks easily especially with some
      pull on the third line. I would be careful of not going out over
      powered as a beginner as I have found that once overpowered with the
      9.3 New Wave things get out of hand quickly.

      Very powered up I find it easier to keep the kite high rather than
      low. I find it easier to keep my speed down that way. It is the
      opposite to what I read on the list but it works for me with my

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "jonl355" <JonL355@a...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I'm poised to take the plunge and buy a used 9M Concept Air kite.
      > However, before I do , I'd like your opinions on these kites.
      > I'm a beginner at kitesurfing and was looking for a kite that will
      > get me on the water in our light Florida winds. I want good
      > performance but I have no ambitions on anything more than weekend
      > recreation at this sport.
      > Any opinions, experience, or insights on the Concept Air kite would
      > be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks All
      > Jon Lees
      > jonl355@y...
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