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62075ksurf] Re: Need help on raising downed kite in water.5th line

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  • georgeiw@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2002
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      All the prior stuff is good. Two more things.
      One, sometimes it is easier to get the kite back up in light wind if you put your board on. Instead of dragging down wind you will put tension in the lines and the kite will go up.

      Secondly, a fifth line definitely works to the trailing edge. If your kite does not have attachment points on the ends of the two struts on either side of the middle simply sew them on. I use flat shoe strings. Make a "Y" and then attach the end to the bar with plenty of slack and a thick leader line that you can grab. You will be up and running in less time in in much less distance. If you get the kite face up you can give it a boost by jerking on the 2 front lines.
      Also when the kite is upside down the bar works backwards. As soon as the kite turns you have to switch the bar. It really works.
      Practicing in shallow water does help.