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62042#2 [ksurf] Re: So cal winds

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  • kiteboard2000
    Nov 1, 2002
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Stefano P. Rosso" <stefano@o...> wrote:

      > ok thanks... i think I would be about a 40 minute drive from
      > to the south... well see... nothings sure yet...

      So that makes you about 1:10 from Cabrillo, but closer to San Carlos
      (which is VERY nice from nearly March through Nov*, by all acounts)
      than if you lived at Belmont.

      *not quite really, but since it blows about a kite-size harder there
      than here, the season is longer, if you're using your "SoCal" sized
      kite at San Carlos.

      Have you checked out the archives at iwindsurf.com? It might take a
      while (60 days to check for summer weekends, times 2 if you want to
      check Cabrillo as well as Seal-Belmont) but you can enter any date
      you want & get the chart with readings at 20 minute intervals.

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