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62041Re: So cal winds

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  • kiteboard2000
    Nov 1, 2002
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Stefano P. Rosso" <stefano@o...> wrote:

      > Ok so the winter sucks... in the april through october months - how
      > often is it more like 12 knots rather than 8 ? would i ever ride my
      > ? or 840 ? or should i just sell them for a 1510 ?

      I can't remember how big you are, but if a 1510 is even an option for
      you, you must be bigger than me. That means you'll be using a 1510 a
      lot, an 1120 quite a bit (depending on your weight), & never need an
      840 (I rarely even NEED mine, it's just more fun in 18 knots, & MUCH
      more fun in 20 or those rare 25 knot days that come out of nowhere).

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