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  • Mick Pilcher
    Nov 1, 2002
      Hi everyone,
      > I'm poised to take the plunge and buy a used 9M Concept Air kite.
      > However, before I do , I'd like your opinions on these kites.
      > I'm a beginner at kitesurfing and was looking for a kite that will
      > get me on the water in our light Florida winds. I want good
      > performance but I have no ambitions on anything more than weekend
      > recreation at this sport.
      > Any opinions, experience, or insights on the Concept Air kite would
      > be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks All
      > Jon Lees

      Hi Jon, I've used the 4.9, 6.3, 7.2 & 9m Con Air kites, as a TOTAL beginners
      kite I would say they are pretty good. I think as the bug grabs you, you may
      want to change to other kit later on.

      The ones I used were 2000 models - they are set up on 3 lines 2x steering &
      1 x brake/power up.

      They are well constructed and will take heaps of abuse, I flew mine
      constantly over the period of a year, stacked them into the beach and the
      sea at various times and sold them all in good condition.

      Water relaunch is excellent, if they land nose down just pull the centre
      line and the kite will reverse up. (We tested mine on the water and it still
      went straight up after 20 mins)

      You can solo land launch very easily.

      The only down side I would say is that they have no de-power as such, and
      they are 'an old school kite' but if you are learning in light winds I
      wouldn't say this is too much of an issue - it just teaches you kite control
      & edging :)

      Things to check:
      Rips and tears: if they're going to break they normally go on the bridling
      points - this is usually because you've got loads of water in the kite and
      your trying to drag it by pulling on the bar. (Not a good idea) Just make
      sure repairs round these points are suitably reinforced.

      They also have a 'variable speed system' which is a set of 3 knots that
      enable you to adjust the angle of attack of the kite, by changing which knot
      your flying lines attach to.

      As a beginner, I would suggest that you check that your kite is set up on
      the bottom knot as this puts the kite slightly further back in the window.
      This stops it from 'luffing' making it more stable - particularly useful
      when you're struggling to get your board on & have to take your eyes off the

      Also check your brake line - when you are flying the kite with the strap
      fully out the trailing edge should not be 'cupping' the breeze, as you pull
      the centre line in it pulls the edge to curve in to the wind.

      My personal favourite was the 6.3, I found the 9 a little slow, but I'm
      relatively light so my usable wind range on this kite was quite small.

      For more info try http://www.conceptair.com/english/kite/kit_the.htm

      Most of all Enjoy!!

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