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60509RE: [ksurf]Leash - Safety system - autoreturn after doing a back/ frontloop

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  • Ron Seydler
    Oct 2, 2002
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      I guess that also depends on the kite. Even with the airush depower strap
      pulled fully I can still flare the kite tips when the bar is pulled to the

      Having shorter chicken loop length and light bar pressure sort of removes
      the need for a fixed harness loop IMO. When you want to do one/no handers
      the bar rests comfortably at the upper stopper knot and the kite still
      floats you down (at least the 12.2 and 9.4 does can't comment on the
      others). I used the same setup on my old 16m and 11m FA2000 only problem was
      the damn heavy bar pressure.

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      From: Peter Frank [mailto:pf@...]
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      I don't agree fully Anthony.

      1. All new fast kites fly more on the front lines, than the backlines.
      This means, you can let go fully of the bar (even cut your backlines
      away for a short time... It'll still fly).
      When you depower in high winds - you need to have the rear lines more
      or less slack. The wind resistance in the lines, creates a lot of
      tension on the rear points, which is more than adequate to steer the
      So the depower distance could be much bigger than the expected
      theoretical distance ! (And often is...)

      2. One handed tricks (rear hand off bar) - no problem, you can feel
      and control the power with one hand on the bar.
      No-handed tricks ? That would be a problem - but always use the fixed
      loop for this (thats why its there...), and you will never have
      problems !
      And if you are doing one handed with your rear hand on the bar - use
      the fixed loop again.

      Another problem with too short depower distance (I am talking without
      bridles, because this is the most used), is in the lulls.
      It is perfect like you say, to use the trimstrap to adjust to the
      wind, yep.
      But if the wind suddenly drops to near nothing, you should be able to
      just find the sweet spot again for these few moments it might last,
      instead of using the trimstrap.
      And vice versa in the gusts of course - it is sweet just to have full
      power / depower control immediately.

      These are just my preferences - like you say, it might be very

      :-) Peter Frank

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Anthony" <captain1@i...> wrote:
      > >
      > > The goal should be to obtain the max. possible power/depower
      > > distance, meaning bar able to come close to the hook, and able to
      > > slide away to fully extended arms (or more...)
      > >
      > Peter,
      > I used to think the same thing. However there are two issues.
      > 1. The maximum bar travel should be no more then the distance
      > the front and back pigtails on the kite. This is the theroetical
      > maximum depower situation which is still impossible since it would
      > mean your kite has swivelled through a full 90 degrees.
      > 2. Too much depower can be a bad thing when you start to do one
      > handed and no handed tricks (thats hands on the bar). If you are in
      > teh air and let go of the bar and it is allowed to travell to full
      > depower, you tend to fall out the air quiet quickly.
      > What I do now is not to have such a full depower travel. If the
      > is that strong that it need to depower more then use the trim strap.
      > Cheers
      > Anthony

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