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60492Re: [ksurf]Leash - Safety system - autoreturn after doing a back/frontloop

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  • Anthony
    Oct 1, 2002
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      > The goal should be to obtain the max. possible power/depower
      > distance, meaning bar able to come close to the hook, and able to
      > slide away to fully extended arms (or more...)


      I used to think the same thing. However there are two issues.

      1. The maximum bar travel should be no more then the distance between
      the front and back pigtails on the kite. This is the theroetical
      maximum depower situation which is still impossible since it would
      mean your kite has swivelled through a full 90 degrees.

      2. Too much depower can be a bad thing when you start to do one
      handed and no handed tricks (thats hands on the bar). If you are in
      teh air and let go of the bar and it is allowed to travell to full
      depower, you tend to fall out the air quiet quickly.

      What I do now is not to have such a full depower travel. If the wind
      is that strong that it need to depower more then use the trim strap.


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