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60484Re: [ksurf]Leash - Safety system - autoreturn after doing a back/frontloop

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  • Peter Frank
    Oct 1 3:52 PM
      > http://scka.org/images2/spinleash2.jpg

      Thats a brilliant idea Mel, with a "no-load" leash ring.

      And if the leash does not untwist totally by itself, it can be done
      easily with one hand (unlike the shackle which can be tough to spin
      under heavy load).

      Will think about how to use it in different systems.

      One major problem in many complete systems, is the distance the
      depower is from the hook.
      It should be as near as possible - so you can power the kite fully up
      (or even stall it on purpose).
      AND - some has a riding style with the bar very close to the harness.

      Anyway - the bar should be able to be pulled almost down to the
      harness hook.
      This is not possible in many of the (home)solutions made today.

      The goal should be to obtain the max. possible power/depower
      distance, meaning bar able to come close to the hook, and able to
      slide away to fully extended arms (or more...)

      :-) Peter

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "kiteboard2000" <kiteboarder@p...> wrote:
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "Peter Frank" <pf@4...> wrote:
      > > Most systems won't work well under load - and you are under full
      > load
      > > all the time...
      > > I ALWAYS use a safety leash, and until a good useable unspin
      > system
      > > appears, I'll just jump the other way around to unspin. This is
      > > really good practice anyway.
      > There are several systems which spin quite well, because they use a
      > separate swivel for the leash (which has very little load).
      > one pictured at
      > http://scka.org/images2/spinleash2.jpg
      > It's not all that clear, but just below the shackle there's a
      > stopper ball, & then a plain stainless O-ring, to which the leash
      > attaches. Very cheap, simple, & effective. It's shown with a
      > center-line sliding-ring leash, but should work equally well on a
      > rear line, &/or with an old style system.
      > Mel
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