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60467Re: [ksurf] The Ongoing Slanging Match - NOT KITESURFING

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  • jcull@bsd.infomedia.com.au
    Oct 1, 2002

      I'll just pull my head back in, just had one of those days... I should know
      better than to think I know better than anyone else..

      just a bad day for me. I shoulda kept it private and just pulled my head

      and no Stefano, Dont change the reply to thingy, unless you can change only
      mine, so everyone can flame me in private as to what A wally ive been.
      *Sheepish Grin*

      *Cully looks around for his sense of humour... Im SURE I had one here

      Have a good one all


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      Subject: Re: [ksurf] The Ongoing Slanging Match - NOT KITESURFING

      > Cully,
      > The best approach is to ignore the posts with personal attacks. Its when
      > people reply to them that the "slanging" begins.
      > EVERYBODY, please just ignore posts that are not related to the topics
      > of the group. If you must reply then write directly to the person.
      > Stefano
      > PS - there is no exit email afaik.
      > PPS - we can change it so when you hit reply then the message goes only
      > to the sender. if you want it to go to the group then youll have to type
      > it in... but we might miss many good posts this way...
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