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60462Kitesurf Trophy Mallorca - 6.-10. Nov.2002

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  • Rick Iossi
    Oct 1, 2002
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      I have been speaking with Thilo Trefz of Brandguides regarding the Kitesurf
      Trophy Competition series. I am researching an article about this new
      concept in kiteboarding competitions. Thilo asked me to pass along
      information about the upcoming competition in Mallorca. The invitation with
      competition particulars and rule book appear at:


      It sounds like a great setting for a competition. Looking forward to
      hearing how the event goes.


      Spot: Can Pastilla, Playa de Palma
      Price$: 1000 Euros + products

      If you sign up you pay 280 Euros for flight, airport transfer to the hotel,
      4 nights hotel, start fee.

      If you travel separate you pay the start fee only (50 Euros).

      The above mentioned price is valid from airports in Germany (north, middle,


      AMC Gesellschaft f�r Sport- und Kulturmarketing mbH
      Birgit Reinhardt
      Klingenhofstr. 51
      D-90411 N�rnberg

      Tel. : +49 911 52 75 54 25
      Fax: +49 911 52 75 54 22


      Rick Iossi

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