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60461Re: [ksurf]Leash - Safety system - autoreturn after doing a back/frontloop

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  • hernanhome
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Sorry, I forgot the link with the pictures:


      --- In kitesurf@y..., "hernanhome" <hernanhome@i...> wrote:
      > Peter & Frank:
      > I m trying a new system that seems to solve the spinning leash
      > problem.
      > As you know, the main issue is the shackel swivel not rotating
      > under load. If it doesn t rotate, the leash will tangle.
      > I find a simple and cheap solution to this:
      > The bungie bar (to give it a name).
      > I was flying airblast with bridles on and I want to take the
      > of the 8,4. I dont use fixed loop on my bars, so I was thinking
      > how to reduce arm fatige as I m used to the light feel of he
      > bridled kite. I decide to put a bungie loop (end to end) and
      > it to the depower ring (above the release). I get a very
      > assistance, a more free feeling than using a fixed loop (the bar
      > steers normaly), the kite flies more stable and the best thing:
      > depower rope rotates as a unit with the bar when you unspin
      > bar. The turning forces induced by the bungie are enough to
      > rotate the shackle swivel, So no more leash tangles!!
      > IT WORKS, you must try it!!
      > Hernan
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