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60441Reel Leash

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  • Dave
    Oct 1, 2002
      Bought a reel leash (NSI "oceanus") a few months back. The first time
      the board did a submarine impression the leash broke. It seems a nice
      enough design, but the webbing is really weak -- too weak.

      So I tried to fix it. I sewed some 100kg spectra to the webbing. It
      was flat enough to fit in the casing and reel out through the bars.
      But for some reason as soon as I tightened the case a little it would
      not reel back in properly.

      After fiddling around with it I pulled the entire reel out of the
      case. And now I can't get the center pin back in. The springs have
      moved away from the center (if you have played with these things then
      you will know what I mean).

      I feel like a bit of a looser, not being able to put it back
      I can manage fine without the leash, but I would like to use it in the
      winter. I don't want to be body dragging upwind in near freezing water

      My questions: has anybody opened the core of one of these reel leashes
      to get at the coils?

      Are there suitable webbing replacements?

      Are the folk at NSI helpful?

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