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57550RE: [ksurf] Naish Pump for the 18 and 20 m2 only come with a small nozzle

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  • don montague
    Aug 1, 2002
      Hi Skjold

      This is correct there is only a small nozzle on the pump because the large
      valve is only used when letting the air out of the leading edge, You could
      use this valve to inflate but you will loose alot of airpressure when you
      try and close it.

      Aloha don

      don montague
      naish sails hawaii

      Subject: [ksurf] Naish Pump for the 18 and 20 m2 only come with a small

      I bought a X2 18m2 yesterday. I received a Naish Big Pump with a
      small nozzle. The dealer claims that the naish pump only comes with a
      small nozzle.

      Is this true???

      Then why is there a big inlet in the kite??? Surely it can't be for
      only deflating the kite?

      I'm quite certain that the same dealer has shown me a Naish pump with
      two interchangeable nozzles a couple of weeks ago when demonstrrating
      me the X2 18 m2!!!!!

      Please help me out here.

      Skjold Mortensen


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