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56044Re: Dakine Fusion Seat Harness

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  • terminalveloce
    Jul 1, 2002
      The new Fusion looks a bit different to mine, but I've never had
      problems with mine coming unclipped. What has happened though is the
      other end of the buckle (short end) has torn out of the harness.
      This happened to me and another bloke I know, but just sew them back
      in with a bit of reinforcing and they're fine (seems a bit poor for a
      relatively expensive harness though). I find the Fusion
      uncomfortable to walk around in with the leg loops done up, but it's
      very comfy on the water, which is what counts.

      You can take a small triangular file and sharpen the "teeth" on the
      buckle. Only do a little bit at a time though. This also works on
      the teeth of ladderlock buckles (like the ones some of us use for
      depower straps) when they get worn. Sharpen them so the teeth grab
      again an they're as good as new.

      Your problem may also have something to do with where you're parking
      your kite - having just started you're probably parking the kite
      overhead a lot, right? This will strangle your bollocks and put a
      lot of load on leg loops, especially if your getting tea bagged
      around, apart from being a dangerous practice on/near land.

      I took the buckles off my previous harness (not a DaKine) and just
      stitched the loops up to fit me.


      --- In kitesurf@y..., "cp2616" <casey_j_powers@h...> wrote:
      > I have just started kiteboarding in the last month. I'm have a
      > time, but I'm having a problem with a Dakine Fusion seat harness.
      > leg straps will not stay hooked. There are two other guys here with
      > that harness and having the same problem. Seems to me like a
      > design flaw using small plastic buckles as critical load bearing
      > components. Are we doing something wrong, or should I just stay
      > from Dakine equipment in the future? Any help would be
      > cp
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