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56010Re: Knowing our limits

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  • silverbacker2002
    Jun 29, 2002
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      --- In kitesurf@y..., "flkitesurfer" <flkitesurfer@h...> wrote:
      >All the comments in this thread have been spot on. This sport is
      >the most dangerous thing that I have done by far out of a number of
      >so called extreme activities. I am still learning new ways of
      >getting into trouble, even after almost four years of steady riding
      > and paying attention.
      > This sport looks too easy, and often is just that. The 5 to 10
      > percent of the time when the real nasty potential shows can be
      > alarming and worth a trip to the hospital. Most riders that I see
      > have never heard of lofting or aren't sure how to avoid it. They
      > are dragging across the sand or are parking their full sized
      > kiteboarding kites in neutral on the beach without a care,
      > unknowingly waiting to get blasted downwind. They are like a bunch
      > of fish just waiting to get blown out of the barrel.

      well I agree...... but to resurrect an ole english naval joke, it
      depends whose turn it is in the barrel......my concern is the folks
      on the beach, in the parking lots, or just watching, who are
      potentially and unknowingly at risk......perhaps someone has already
      scanned the KSI accident log to see how many non-kiters got put in
      the barrel... my guess (from a quick read) is that herein lies a
      potentially serious liability problem for the sport....which is a
      real pity, because to this aging sailor it's a wonderful fusion of
      human athletic grace and spectacular windforce and green waves.....
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