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56009Re: Knowing our limits

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  • flkitesurfer
    Jun 29, 2002
      All the comments in this thread have been spot on. This sport is
      the most dangerous thing that I have done by far out of a number so
      called extreme activities. I am still learning new ways of getting
      into trouble, even after almost four years of steady riding and paying

      This sport looks too easy, and often is just that. The 5 to 10
      percent of the time when the real nasty potential shows can be
      alarming and worth a trip to the hospital. Most riders that I see have
      never heard of lofting or aren't sure how to avoid it. They are
      dragging across the sand or are parking their full sized kiteboarding
      kites in neutral on the beach without a care, unknowingly waiting to
      get blasted downwind. They are like a bunch of fish just waiting to
      get blown out of the barrel. The power of kites to loft in in 20 or
      even as little as 10 mph gusts is substantial. Using proper
      technique, judgment and safety gear may make all the difference. This
      is brought out over and over again in the KSI accounts.

      We are spreading the word but not effectively enough. Some of the
      kiteboarding magazines are showing a stronger interest in promoting
      safety issues. Fortunately, the really serious accidents have been
      relatively few, but they seem to be increasing right along with the
      number of kiteboarders.

      Kiteboarding will probably never be a "safe" sport and that is ok. As
      long as riders are properly prepared and forewarned, have at it. The
      avoidable accidents need to diminish but signs seem to indicate that
      they will continue to increase. I suspect that they will rise until
      the word and techniques on safe kiteboarding practices spread around
      more universally.

      Rick Iossi

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "theflyingtinman" <thorpes@a...> wrote:
      > Well said ... I think this the the biggest difference between
      > kitesurfing and most other dangerous sports, and a it's very
      > disturbing difference. In just one and a half seasons of kitesurfing
      > I have come across too many people doing this sport who have no idea
      > of the potential danger, and in particular the potential for the
      > situation to change from good to very, very bad in a split second.
      > Can anyone think of another dangerous sport where the dangers are
      > often so unobvious - even to the participants?
      > Steve T.
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "hernanhome" <hernanhome@i...> wrote:
      > > Extreme sports are dangerous. How much risk you want to take
      > > is many time your choice. In some sports the limits, the point
      > > where the danger begins is visible. I have been windsurfing for
      > > 20 years and I know that I could handle and have fun in 3 foot
      > > waves. I know also that 15 foot Hookipa is not for me. I could be
      > > easily be killed in that conditions. Actually waves this size
      > > not only superpowerfull, they look dangerous. So you dont go out
      > > there.
      > >
      > > In kiteboarding the danger is not visible. The danger is the
      > > inmense power that the kite and the wind could generetes.
      > > So its easy to get in the danger zone without noting it.
      > > More power, more danger. Its great to jump 30' but is not for
      > > everybody. If your kite has this power, It could kill you. Its
      > > going out surfing 15 feet waves over a shallow reef.
      > > But any rider with 4 month of experience could hold a 15 mts in
      > > 20 knots. It doesn t seems as an extreme situation but it is.
      > >
      > > Be carefull, ride easy and have fun.
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