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5599[ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratio

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  • Primoz Cerne
    Oct 3, 1999
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      Hi Gorge , Dave and others!
      Sorry for this misunderstanding, I like too the group the expertise from
      Dave and the others. I don't wont to break down the group.
      From my past I have also many experiences to build and fly my tail less
      gliders, so aerodynamic terms are not new for me. For example on the
      races we was able to start with the winch the glider, using the special
      tracking path, push the glider up to 200km/h with the max. winch speed
      of 16-20m/s. The physic is the same, winch is the wind speed and the
      glider on the line is kite.
      Dave can we set up the table of relations from the weight of the kite
      and the surface area. With other words, how much wind we need to keep
      the kite on the top of the window position.

      touch and go

      Web page of SEAJUMP group,
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