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5598[ksurf] Re: big fat boards

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  • Ronald Kittag
    Oct 3, 1999
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      Hi Burgi!

      > with the trend for super fat boards and massive fins in wind surfing
      > giving true light wind planing performance has anyone tryed short wide
      > boards for kite surfing?

      I've made my own board and it looks quite like what you're looking for.
      It's 190cm long, 50cm wide with a slightly conkave bottom, long flat section
      in the back of the rockerline, has a square-tail and boxy rails as it is
      quite thick (max. 8cm).
      It planes verry quickly and is a real lightwindwonder. It is not so easy to
      jibe because the tail doesn't sink and you are likely to dive the nose if
      you don't care. Maybe a diamond tail would have been better. Another
      drawback of the wide tail is that if the wind get's stronger it's harder to
      dig the rails into the water because the big surface generates a lot of
      But I'm still loving this board because it planes so fast and you can ride
      it flat, flying upwind when the wind is not so strong.
      (I've promised to post some pictures of it, but the guy who has the photos
      went fishing for two weeks, so they are still not scanned, but I promise to
      post them as soon as possible)

      Good winds to all

      PS: Since Wednesday each day on the water in winds from 20 to 30 knots,
      yesterday rather 30kn, and for today promised 15 to 20.
      It's windy in Austria and still warm (24°C). :-)
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