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5596[ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratio

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  • Dave Culp
    Oct 2, 1999
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      >Hi, Dave, I am one of those lurkers and as an engineer I enjoy your
      >posts, however, I do not feel I have much to add on top of your long
      >experience and sound analysis.
      >I also mess around with radio control sailplanes and I have an
      >appreciation of the 3-D wind picture which most sailors don't. It is
      >amazing how many lulls on the water are actually the leward side and
      >bottom of a thermal. This is significant for kite surfers, can you use
      >the upward velocity?

      Absolutely! Oh, kites don't have use for upward motion, per se. What
      we *do* have use for, just like a racing sailplane, is being able to
      "dive" the kite, down into it's apparent wind, without actually
      losing altitude. This is a major plus, if and when possible. I'd bet
      most kiteflyers cannot tell the difference between a small thermal
      and an ordinary gust. The difference is great, of course, in that
      thermals can be predicted from visual clues (clouds), while gusts
      normally cannot.

      >FYO there are several small telemetry devices available to measure air
      >speed on RC aircraft. Should be light and small enough to put on a kite
      >to measure on kite wind velocity. I don't know about water proof though.
      >I will e-mail you specific vendors if you are interested.

      Please do. Perhaps off-list, if you will, so as not to offend anyone
      wiht the extra bandwidth: dave@... Thanks!

      Dave Culp
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